If you haven’t heard of this book, it’s adorable and our students loved it!

Every month in the Honey Bee Hive, we share the best books for preschool and this is one of them. It’s called “Tickle Monster” by Edouardo Manceau. As I read the book, I followed along with a felt board activity I made. However, I forgot to make the ears and didn’t even notice until I was in the middle of the story! I was so bummed. This book is a great bedtime story and read-aloud about a little monster who can’t scare you if you tickle his “toes, feet, knees, and so on.”

At the table, I set out black sheets of construction paper. Each spot had the pieces needed to make the tickle monster. Along with the paper and pieces, I set out a tube of glue. Doing the felt board activity allowed the students to see how the tickle monster was put together. Some students needed my help so I coached them as needed to help them where they needed the help.

I made sure to leave the felt board and pieces out along with the book.  The children could stop by anytime throughout the morning to retell the story on their own or just try to put the pieces together like a puzzle.

This was one of our first times putting together pieces like this and the children did amazing. I loved how much thought they put into where they wanted each piece to go. After the tickle monsters were glued together, I let them dry over the weekend and now they are being displayed in our classroom. Each student is so proud of the tickle monster they made.

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