When preparing your classroom its ok to get your hands a little messy and to leave with paint stained clothes.

As the school year is approaching, we have been working hard on multiple projects to get us as prepared as possible. From sanding furniture, to drilling in coat hangers, and repainting many different objects, there have been many days where we have left totally exhausted. But there’s nothing better than being able to take a step back and fully take in all of the progress you’ve made.

The more work, time, and effort we put into the vision of our classroom, the more confident we start to feel about our school year! It may not feel like it, but every tiny detail we put into the creation of our classroom not only challenges us in new ways, but it will then branch out and challenge the children to look at everyday play through a different lens.

We spent an entire day sanding down and repainting our furniture for our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Because of this, we were challenged to create new looks, find new colors, and set up our rooms in new ways. Yes, we left with dirt and paint covering our clothes. Yes, our arms got tired and our hands were completely covered in spray paint, but we got to come back the next day, look at the finished product, and have a sense of pride and accomplishment!

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