If you haven’t explored spin art yet, then you are missing out.

Let me show you how simple spin art can be and how spin art strengthens those fine and large motor muscles too.

Here’s a glimpse at how much fun your students can have while creating spin art


To create the spin art, we used a cheap salad spinner that I picked up at Walmart a few years ago. I wanted the process to be as self-reliant as possible so we set the spinners, paint and small paper plates at one table and at another table, we set out glue and paper for the children to complete their collages.

The children went right to work. A little squeeze of paint on their paper plates. Then a little more paint, and maybe a little more – just in case…

Now put the lid on the container and spin! This is the part that took a little muscle and coordination. Most of the children could spin the spinner without help but a few needed a partner to help hold the container still while they spun the spinner.

Once the children finished spinning, they would take off the lid and see the magic!

If they were satisfied with the results, then they could take their spin artwork over to the table to glue it on a piece of paper and come back to start all over again.

Now wasn’t that simple?

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