Holiday Light Box

This DIY light box is super simple to make and SO fun to explore!

To make the box I poked a few small holes around one side of the box with a screwdriver then pushed the lights of a battery operated string of lights through the holes. I poked the holes as I went along so I wouldn’t have to count how many holes and end up with extra holes in the end. Yep – I had to use my noggin on this one.

I taped the battery pack that operated the lights to the outside of the box too so the children could turn the lights on and off. There was also two settings. One setting left the lights on while the other setting made the lights blink on and off.

I suppose I could have decorated my box a bit to make it look more holiday but this idea was an extension of our discussion on lights and energy that I told you about in this post: How to explore energy with energetic kids!  We weren’t really focused on the holiday aspect as much as continuing our study on light and energy.

The children loved crawling inside the box with a friend and laying back to look at the lights. We had LOTS of giggles and some singing along the way. I also decided to only put lights at the top so the children wouldn’t sit or lean against the light bulbs while they went in and and out of the light box.

This really was super simple to put together and did I mention that is was SO fun to explore too?

These lights are similar to the ones we used!

I purchased my lights from Hobby Lobby but in case I found some that were similar on Amazon.

And we were looking for a good holiday book to read and this one seemed to fit nicely so we read it as part of our large group read-aloud experience.

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