How to explore energy with energetic kids!

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Discovering the power of very own energy!

Our energetic students were surprised to find out that they have real energy flowing through their bodies.

Although you can explore energy anytime of the year, we thought a simple study on energy would be an excellent STEM-based addition to our holiday planning. All around our city, in our homes, and even in our classroom, there are lots of holiday lights. Some of the lights are blinking while other lights do not blink.

We discovered that in order for the lights to work, they need to be attached to a source of power. I found some lights that were battery operated for the children to check out plus we had our tree lights that were plugged into the wall.

Energy Experiment

Now for the best part of our exploration. I introduced our students to an energy tube but before using the tube, we talked about how we have energy in our own bodies. We can feel our energy as it helps us run and play but the problem is, we can’t really see our energy. My students were so excited to find out that they have energy that flows right through their own bodies. They really cracked me up with their energetic response to our discussion.

Now it was time to see if we could actually see the energy we produce. I stood up and held onto the tube with one hand then invited a student to hold the other end of the tube but we still couldn’t see any results. We continued to invite each of the children to hold hands until everyone was in our circle but then we learned that in order for us to actually see the energy, we had to close the circle which is just like closing a circuit (notice that we added another really cool new scientific word – circuit).

The last child to join our circle was then invited to simply touch a finger to my finger and guess what happened! Our energy tube lit up and made sounds! Oh my goodness, that was one exciting moment. If any child let go, our circuit would be broken and then we couldn’t see the product of the energy we made together.

Together, we could accomplish our goal which was a wonderful and practical lesson in working together as a team.

Independent Energy Exploration

Of course, my students were naturally going to want to explore the energy tube on their own but instead of letting them run around the room with it, I taped the tube and our battery operated lights to the wall.

The children could stop by anytime and check out the wall on their own or with a friend.

One group of children tried different ways to connecting to close the circuit, “let’s touch pinkys” “let’s give a high five!”  “Lets touch tummies!” “Let me touch your head.” Not every approach worked (clothing got in the way) but what a wonderful way to explore through trial and error, experimentation, and inquisitive exploration.

Get Your Own Energy Tube

You may have come across these super cool tubes in the store but if you haven’t, I have provided an Amazon affiliate link below in case you want to get an energy tube for your energetic kids!


Not intended for play with young children but makes a great way to explore energy under teacher supervision!

Links to Grow On!


What is STEM?

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Deborah J Stewart

Deborah J Stewart

Every time I think I know everything I need to know about teaching young children, God says, "Hold on a minute!" and gives me a new challenge.

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With each new challenge that you overcome, you will find yourself better equipped and more passionate about teaching young children.

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