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Teach Preschool on Instagram!

You can take a quick look at my Instagram photos here!

What is Instagram?

I would describe it as a simple photo sharing forum designed for on-the-go or mobile users.

What will you find on Instagram?

For me it is a quick and easy way to share photos from my day using my Iphone. I tend to update Instagram by highlighting things we are doing in my classroom or with my grandchildren and on occasion I add a photo of me – but I am terrible at taking self-takes.

Why Instagram?

I find the photos being shared there by both teachers and moms to be fun and inspiring plus it is a fun and casual way to connect with other teachers or moms that enjoy the same things you do.

Can you comment on Instagram?

Yes, you can like and comment under a photo. It isn’t as fluid as Facebook for asking and answering question but it works well enough for when you really have something to ask or say.

Can you log in from a home computer?

Well, you can but Instagram is more functional when you add the Instagram App to your phone. It is free by the way.

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Teach Preschool on Instagram!