Since I shared with you how my students enjoy the exploration of tape in our classroom, I thought I would share with you how I like to use tape in the classroom. For me, tape is a valuable resource so I keep lots of tape on hand for teaching and for promoting play…

Five Fun Ways to Teach with Tape by Teach Preschool

1. On the light table 

I like to use tape on the light table as a way to promote a little different kind of creativity and play and to extend whatever unit we may be talking about. In the photo below, we had read the book The Foolish Tortoise (World of Eric Carle) by Richard Buckley and spent the day exploring turtles

Tape on the Light Table by Teach Preschool

2. On the floor

Creating tape lines on the floor is a simple way to promote balance, jumping, walking and other types of large motor play. For the photo below, we had read the book, The Line Up Book by Marisabina Russo and extended our discussion with all kinds of lines on the floor: straight, curvy, zigzag…

Tape lines on the floor by Teach Preschool

3. On the flannel board

One of my favorite uses of a flannel board is to turn it into a graph by adding a tape lines on the board. This lets me use all those felt pieces in a new way.. In the photo below, we were sorting and graphing feathers by color…

Taped graphs on a flannel board by Teach Preschool

4. On the magnet board

My DIY Magnet board comes in handy for all kinds of play and it serves as a great game table that I can quickly set up anywhere in the classroom and move out of the way as needed. For the photo below, we used the magnetic board for a pompom game…

Tape on the magnetic Board by Teach Preschool

5. On the art table

When our art table isn’t in use with a creative experience, I like to convert our art table into different types of games as well. In the photo below, we are using our art table to invite block sorting by shape and color...

Tape on the Art Table by Teach Preschool

These are just a few ways I like to use tape in the classroom to promote different types of learning opportunities. I am sure you like to use tape in other ways. Leave a comment and share your thoughts. I would love to expand on my use of tape in the classroom!

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