Five senses discover and explore kit

A simple DIY sensory investigation your students will love!

This week we have chosen to share with you simple activities you can do to promote and talk about the five senses…

Five senses discover and explore kit by Teach Preschool

Preparing a Five Senses Investigation

In my classroom, we explored the five senses in a variety of ways but the children really enjoyed exploring my DIY five senses kit. Mrs. Courtney gave me the brilliant idea of saving these plastic containers with the dividers (mine had fruit or veggies in them) for things like collage materials and sorting games and paint holders. Since the containers come with a lid, I can prepare them ahead of time and set them out as needed…

Five senses discover and explore kit by Teach Preschool

I decided to take two of my saved containers and make two five senses kits for my class to discover and explore. I filled each container with…

  • Smell: A smelly fall candle
  • Taste: Mini-Boxes of Raisins (enough for each child to have one)
  • Touch/Feel: Sand paper and Carpet Scraps
  • Sound: A windup egg timer
  • Sight: A few gems and mini-magnifying glasses

Building Vocabulary

And I put a label for each of the five senses inside each compartment of the kit…

Five senses discover and explore kit by Teach Preschool

Exploring the Materials

I never know if my students will find something like this fun or not so I was super excited to see a group of children exploring the materials all throughout the morning. There was never a time when the materials were not being explored and some of the children asked me questions about the materials like, “What is this soft thing in here?” so I could explain  “It is a piece of carpet for you to feel with your sense of touch.”…

Five senses discover and explore kit by Teach Preschool

The items that got the least attention were my candles so perhaps putting something a little more interesting in place of the candles would be smart…

Five senses discover and explore kit by Teach Preschool

The favorite senses to explore were taste (since everyone got a box of raisins) and sound (the children loved playing with the egg timers) with the magnifiers coming in at a close third…

Five senses discover and explore kit by Teach Preschool

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Deborah J Stewart

Deborah J Stewart

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