Meaningful ways to build community in your classroom

In the preschool classroom, life is all about learning how to work with others and this is an especially challenging proposition for young children. To promote teamwork or the three C’s (communication, collaboration, and cooperation) in a fun and inviting way, I like to come up with creative games or art activities that my students can do together…

Five fun activities to promote teamwork by Teach Preschool

Ways to Support Team Building

Of course, as young children play in dress-up or blocks, they are naturally building their skills for cooperation, communication, and collaboration but for today, I thought I would share some activities that I prepared for the children to do together so that we could spend time focused on working together as a team…

Large Group Maze

Mrs. Courtney created this amazing maze in a large box for us and the children explored the maze both as a class and with partners. The goal was to get the car or marble from one end of the maze to the other by working together to move the box up and down or side to side….

Five activities to promote teamwork by Teach Preschool

Bouncing Balls and Boxes

In this activity, the children had to roll the ball around the box or try and keep it centered in the middle of the box by once again, working together to tilt the box or hold it steady…

Five activities to promote teamwork by Teach Preschool

Parachute Play

Parachute play is all about teamwork. Lifting the parachute up and down all together so that we can make the balls fly high off the chute requires us to count together, lift together, and not let go of our part of the parachute in the process…

Five activities to promote teamwork by Teach Preschool

Large Group Murals

Working together to color, paint, or in some way create something together also gives us the opportunity to promote the three C’s. While the children were coloring in the big circle, they had to communicate with each other about any spaces that still needed colored in, work together to color side by side, and make decisions on the direction or style of coloring they chose to do along the way. I noticed that by coloring together, the children also modeled for each other different coloring techniques or preferences…

Five activities to promote teamwork by Teach Preschool

Circle Songs and Games

And of course, lots of games or songs where we gather together to enjoy activities like “The Farmer and the Dell” are an important part of building community and teamwork…

Five activities to promote teamwork by Teach Preschool

Why We Love Team Building

Community building activities are not only fun and engaging, but they support children in forming friendships, they promote kindness and empathy and they set the foundation for the skills needed for the 21st Century!

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