If you haven’t noticed yet, pool noodles are not just for summer time fun any more. It is hard for me to pass up a pool noodle that is on sale because I am always thinking, “I bet I could come up with one more thing to do with noodles this year that we haven’t done before!”…

Noodle Building

The wonderful thing about noodles is they are soft and light weight so they make a great tool for building and construction outdoors or indoors….

Noodle Geometry

We also explored making different shapes with our noodles.

Noodle Roads

And how about making a road or racetrack?

Noodle Parking Lot

Noodles can lead to all sorts of play with a little thinking outside the box…

Noodle Jumping

Noodles do invite some large motor play too like jumping…

Noodle Chains

Just cut up some noodles and you can make a noodle chain

Noodle Blocks

Noodles make wonderful blocks. We used our noodles for sorting and stacking…

Noodle Water Play

I added a few noodles to our water play as well for a little exploration….

Noodle Painting

Noodle painting is a simple art process for young children to enjoy…

Noodle Marble Runs

Get your little engineers thinking and constructing their own marble runs too…

Yes, I will be stocking up on foam noodles again this year to see what else we can come up with!

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