Fourth of July is a wonderful time to explore the American flag and that is just what we did with this simple but beautiful easel painting process..

We spent the morning exploring flags and reading about flags and as a follow-up, I thought the children might find a little flag painting inspiration if I added a flag to the easel.

I added red, white, and blue easel paint colors to the easel as well.

Our flag inspired easel paintings took on all different interpretations.  Having the flag hanging on the easel really gave the children a good visual to consider as they painted their pictures.  I didn’t even have to say something like, “I would like everyone to paint a flag today!” Just having the flag there was all the inspiration they needed.

Although the inspiration of this painting clearly started with the flag, it eventually took on a life of its own as our little artist took the liberty to use her own creative expression in the process.

Although most of the children naturally started out painting stripes, not every child chose to do that.

A super simple idea to add a little Fourth of July inspiration to the easel!

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