Hula hoops are a terrific tool for promoting outdoor play, games, and creativity!

What hula hoops can be turned into

Children can jump in and out of the hula hoops and play hula hoop hopscotch.

My students rolled the hula hoops and played hula hoop relays through our Mini-500 race day obstacle course.

And hula hoops made great steering wheels to stimulate driving through our outdoor Mini-500 race day obstacle course!

How hula hoops can inspire play

Hula hoops can also inspire a little outdoor creative play.

Like how about a hula hoop caterpillar?

Just gather up a few sticks for antennae, arms, and feet.

And a few rocks for eyes and a mouth.

Some of the children decided their hula hoop caterpillars looked more like hula hoop caterpillar snowmen.

And yes, I know the tags are still on these hula hoops.  I kept forgetting to pull them off when we first started playing with the hula hoops but as you can see, the children didn’t seem to care either way.


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