Ways to explore new textures and build sensory awareness outdoors with your children!

My grandson and I went on a little outdoor texture walk.  I made an interesting discovery on this nature walk that I hadn’t expected.

Exploring New Textures

For our outdoor texture walk, I walked my grandson around the yard and we stopped to touch different types of nature items.  In the process of our texture walk, I discovered that there are some things my grandson does not like to touch.

Building Sensory Awareness

It is funny because in the house, my grandson will touch almost anything – even things he isn’t supposed to touch. But outside, he didn’t like to touch the grass. At one point in our walk, we sat down together in the grass and he didn’t reach out to move. It took me a few minutes before I realized that my grandson doesn’t yet like the texture of grass on his hands.

My grandson was happy to reach out to grab a leaf or to feel a tree but he didn’t want to touch that grass. So we moved on to other textures instead.

Investigating their World

There are plenty of textures to explore outside. As I watched my grandson explore each texture, I couldn’t help but feel so grateful to be a part of my grandson’s first experiences in exploring nature.

We found many different items to touch but don’t worry – I didn’t just leave my grandson with a big stick. He touched it with his hands and gave it a good look over, then we tossed it aside and continued on our texture walk.

Having fun!

It was a beautiful day and a fun way to spend time “turning on life” with my grandson.

This post is a part of our screen-free week experiences. Turn off the screen and turn on life! (CCFC)

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