An outdoor obstacle course is a fun way to develop critical thinking, build gross motor skills, and encourage teamwork in preschool!

We had our very first outdoor adventure with tying ropes. Well, I ended up doing most of the rope tying but since it was our first day, the children were more excited about making an obstacle course with the rope.

Preparing the Obstacle Course

The children helped me wrap the very long piece of rope I had around all the trees in the immediate area.

We had the rope going pretty much in every which direction as the kids helped to prepare our rope obstacle course.

Building Gross Motor Skills

Once the rope obstacle course was ready to go, the children lined up to give it a try.

We climbed over, under, through, and around the ropes in our obstacle course.

There was no exact route or plan, just the opportunity to use our large motor skills as we worked our way through the obstacle course.

Having fun Outdoors!

Now that the weather has warmed up outside, my students are thrilled to get outside and play.

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