Enjoy a beautiful day outdoors with this parachute game!

We have been taking advantage of playing outdoors during these last few pretty fall days.  I recently read this wonderful idea shared by How Long is the Hall and knew my children would love to try this too…

Playing in the leaves creates long-lasting memories

Gathering Leaves

The children helped Miss Abby spread out the parachute then ran around the play yard to gather leaves and put them on top of the parachute….

Playing a Popcorn Game

Once they had a good pile of leaves on the parachute, we gathered around the parachute to make them fly in the air.  I couldn’t remember the song that How Long is the Hall used in her post so we just said, “Pop, Pop, Popcorn!”  I know this makes no sense but the kids didn’t care!  When we said popcorn the kids would jump up and make all the leaves fly into the air…

Enjoying a Beautiful Day

One of our favorite things to do is to hide under the parachute after we toss the leaves into the air…

I thought I would mention that I bought this parachute from our local PartyCity store in the section where they sold circus party supplies.

I am sure going to miss these pretty fall days..


Early childhood is like fall…

A season filled with wonder, and beauty, and change that rushes by all too quickly.


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