If you follow along with my blog regularly, you know that I have been getting ready for a new preschool year. One of the biggest challenges in setting up a new classroom is getting all the supplies you think you will need.  I have been trying to make as many things as I can along the way…

My latest goal was to make some ink stamps. Esther over at Creatiivty My Passion shared this idea and I tell you, it took me three days before I could finally make my way over to Target to get these little foam blocks just so I could make some foam stamps too. I was really stressing that all the foam blocks would be gone….

There are lots of ways to make your own stamps but I really liked these blocks for more than just the stamping potential. I also thought they would be great for sorting, counting, building, painting, and a little water play fun too.  I bought a bunch so I can use them in many different ways once preschool begins…

Creatiivty My Passion also used a pen to engrave shapes on the foam blocks which seem to turn out very well too.  I thought I would let the children try to draw some of their own shapes later on in the school year or perhaps I will print the names of each of my students on the blocks for them to stamp away with…

In the mean time, I can mark ink stamps off my list of things I need in the classroom this year!

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