I just love robots and this is one of the most creative ideas for robots and magnets that I have seen.

Creating your own magnetic play set

I started out by collecting a variety of tin cans. I didn’t have the kind of can opener that leaves the inside completely smooth so to make sure there were no sharp edges, my brother sanded the inside edges for me with a metal sander. It took him about 15 minutes to sand down all my cans.  But you can find can openers that will leave smooth edges – I will have to look for one of those. Along with collecting tin cans, I also have been collecting milk jug lids and other types of lids of various colors and sizes.

I also bought a few small plastic Slinkys to add to my magnetic play set.  Just about everything you see here has a round magnet glued to the back of it using Soho glue. I glued each end of a slinky inside a milk jug lid and then glued a magnet on the back of the milk jug lid.

Here are some folks that have enjoyed the magnets.

Grandma and Wy playing with magnets

Wy, Eric, and I working on the sets together

Wy working all by himself!

I can’t tell you how fun this has been to play with over the summer and I look forward to sharing it with my class this fall.

Here’s how to create your own magnets

Glue magnets onto lids

Magnets glued onto the cans

Slinkys glued onto the inside of lids

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