Water play is always a hit with my nephew Wy.

I bought these little squirt bottles at the dollar store and pulled them out for Wy to play with.

Wy and I played a game with the water bottles as we took a little nature walk around the yard. Each time Wy would find something laying on the ground and squirt it, I would call out the name of the object.

The Goal of this Activity

The goal for me was to help Wy continue to build his vocabulary and reinforce the pronunciation of those words in a simple, fun way. The goal for Wy was to spray water on as many things as he could find.

Modifying the Game

After awhile, I modified the game and began to call out the name of an object for Wy to find, kind of like an “I  Spy” scavenger hunt. I would ask Wy, “Can you squirt the tree?”and Wy would run over and spray water on the tree.

Wy sprayed bushes, rocks, leaves, flowers, grass, my car, and eventually sprayed me too.

Wy’s favorite thing to squirt were the leaves on the driveway which also helps to build eye-hand coordination skills as well as strengthen his fine motor skills.

This was a great outdoor activity that invites play and at the same time, naturally promotes all kinds of development and learning.

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