I posted before on activity boxes we use in preschool and this week, for a little dramatic play and fine motor fun, our curriculum coordinator put together a cute little hot cocoa box…

Inside the box is a baggy filled with scrunched up construction paper pieces for the hot cocoa mix. Some cotton balls for the marshmallows. Spoons and cups and “Hot Cocoa” counting cards.

The idea is for the children to make their own cup of pretend hot cocoa. First, they spoon some hot cocoa mix into the cup…

Then they add a marshmallow on top…

Click here for cards

Or two., or three, or four…

The children made some hot cocoa paintings as well this week. They used real marshmallows and dipped them into white paint then made prints on brown construction paper.

Of course, we need to try making some real hot cocoa at the end of the week too!  If you want to see some other hot cocoa ideas, check out these links below!

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“How do you Like Your Hot Chocolate?” graph is cute by First Grader…at Last!

And these Hot Cocoa cards were made by Melissa Brubaker of Around the Sun Montessori Preschool and go perfectly with the “Hot Cocoa” song above!

The children also glued some Marshmallows on their letter M!