Preschool large motor fun with tape shapes

Wy and I had a busy new year’s night trying all kinds of fun art activities but it was also nice just to do something geared more towards using our large motor skills…

I started us off by making some shapes with yellow painter’s tape on the floor. Painter’s tape is always better than masking tape because it can be removed easily without leaving a sticky residue but it holds up well too for playing. As I made each shape, Wy watched and I said the name of the shape out loud and Wy, as he always does, repeated my words out loud too!

Then Wy began walking from shape to shape. It must have just seemed like the natural thing to do:)

As he moved from shape to shape, he made sure both feet were completely inside the shapes and I called out the name of each shape as he moved along…

After a few times back and forth across the shapes, Wy decided to try something new. He began placing balls inside each shape. So I used the words “inside” and “outside” as he went along.

Oh, and we had balls scattered all over the place from some earlier play…

The thing about Wy is that he is always very meticulous about what he does. I believe Wy’s “neatness” or desire to keep things in rows and or lines is an innate personality trait – not something he has been taught to do…

But once he had all the balls set where he wanted in each shape, Wy proceeded to kick them all out of each shape and they went rolling all over the room again 🙂

So we took our ball bucket and went around gathering up all the balls…

Then we pulled up all the tape from the floor – and Wy threw the tape in the trash. Wy loves to throw away the trash!

And we called it a night!

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