In the midst of preparing a Christmas musical, making holiday decorations, and making gifts for parents – we still try to keep up with our regular academic program.

This week the children are exploring the letter K! It won’t be the only time that we explore the letter K but it is the week that we emphasize the letter. To emphasize the sound of the letter, we tried kissing our K’s! Lipstick was put on a cotton swab then the children put it on their lips….

Or in some classes the teacher helped them put the lipstick on their lips…

Then the children would “kiss” the letter “k”!

Not every child wanted to kiss their letter K! So for those who wanted an alternative plan, we set out ink-stamps that looked like lips and they “kissed” their letter K with the stamps:)

Yes, I know – this didn’t have quite the same end result as the actual kissing but it is all about the process:)  So if the process for some children is just not in their comfort zone – then we need to be willing to go to plan B.  Plan B stands for…  Let the end process B whatever it is going to be!