We have been showing you different ways that we have been integrating basic concepts such as letters and numbers into our classroom centers.

One more idea to add to the list is by making letters out of yarn.

For this simple activity, we set out pieces of yarn, about 2 to 8 inches in length, and upper and lowercase letter cards.  Our children did this activity on felt boards, but it could also be done on a sticky board, sandpaper, or even a carpet square.

The children began by choosing a letter to make out of yarn.  Some of the children chose to make the first letter of their name, while others picked a card from our stack of upper and lowercase letters.

Once the children had decided on a letter to create, they pulled the different lengths of yarn from the basket to form their letters.

If a piece of yarn wasn’t long enough for a child to complete their letter, they would simply add another piece of yarn to the one they were working with.

Yarn is a wonderful material to handle and manipulate for a little fine motor skill building and a great tactile experience too!

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