A neat way for your students to explore the wonderful world of color!

This past week the children explored their sense of touchtastesmellsight, and hearing. Let me show you what the children found in the “sense of sight” discovery center…

Exploring Color

The children used their sense of sight to look through these DIY colorful toilet roll lenses.

Exploring their World

The children looked at each other, out the window, and throughout their classroom.

Making new Discoveries

I invited the children to put two lenses together to see if the color changed at all, but they were unable to see any kind of change. I am not so sure they understood what I was trying to get them to notice 🙂

A Helpful Hint

We put these lenses together with a rubber band which the kids could easily remove and so I did have to make quite a few lens repairs along the way! I think next time, I would use colored tape to keep the lens covers on instead of a rubber band.