This past week the children explored their sense of touchtastesmellsight, and hearing. Let me show you what the children found in the “sense of hearing” discovery center…

The children played a listening matching game. In a basket were 35mm canisters filled with items such as corn, dice, and salt. There were two of each sound canisters.

The children shook the canisters and then used their sense of hearing to find the two cannisters that sounded just the same.

I noticed that it didn’t take long for the children to figure out that they could also match the canisters by weight rather than by sound.

The children also listened to recordings of sounds from Play 2 Grow and used their sense of hearing to guess what the sounds were.

We didn’t make this a right or wrong answer game – instead, we just focused on listening and let the children guess what they thought they had heard.