A fun way to practice name recognition with your preschooler!

In the middle of a room full of play and noise, I happened to notice a group of children gathered around their teacher doing a little name recognition and writing.

As each child would get a turn, the teacher would ask if he or she wanted to print their name in boxes or on a line.

Meeting each Child where they are at

Clearly this wasn’t the first time the children had tried this activity because they knew exactly how to participate without any additional instruction from the teacher.  If the child chose to use boxes, the teacher would draw the number of boxes that was in the child’s name and then let the child begin to print.

If the child needed a little assistance to remember how to print a letter or what letter needed to come next, the teacher would print the letter above the correct box to give the child a little assistance.

Practicing their Pencil Grasp

One thing that was fascinating to me was seeing the different handwriting styles and grip of each child. This little girl chose to just write on the line and had very tiny print! I had to zoom in close with my camera to see it. It takes time for young children to develop the skills and proper handwriting grip!

Following their Interests

I also loved how the children naturally gravitated over to the dry erase board and wanted to take a turn.

Why we Love Name Writing in Preschool

Name writing is an excellent part of helping children learn to print and recognize the letters. Many of the children in this class already recognize the names of their friends as well. Something about writing your own name brings a great sense of accomplishment!

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