In this twos classroom, easel painting is part of the daily routine. The children know how to get their own paint smock, slip it over their head, and then they head over to an open easel where paint, brushes, and paper is ready and waiting for them.

Some days they paint on short paper and other days they paint on large sheets of easel paper. The teachers change the kind of paper routinely. As the children start to paint, the teacher places the child’s name at the top of the paper.

The children like to mix the paint colors and many of them enjoy painting the entire page – reaching up high to paint the top seems to be a favorite.

Easel painting is something these two year olds have mastered over time and with a great deal of practice. By giving the children opportunity to explore the paint and practice painting on the easel, it has become a natural part of their day. A child who has never explored painting at the easel is likely to paint on everything but the easel the first few times but don’t give up – instead continue to offer the opportunity to try and see the growth and development improve.