I sure hope this message finds you safe and warm because I know many of you are in the middle of currently preparing for or dealing with blizzard or other stormy conditions. Here in Indiana, the blizzard has missed us so I can’t really complain about the freezing cold weather or the small amount of snow we currently have on the ground.

Baby Its Cold Outside

Running my own preschool means that I have to keep an eye on the weather and make that somewhat difficult decision as to whether we should keep the preschool open on a snowy day, delay school start-up time, or just close for the day…

Baby it's cold outside by Teach Preschool

So far this school year, I haven’t had to close or delay preschool. Although it has been bitter cold on some days and snowy on others, it hasn’t affected our local public school system which I use as a guide for what to do…

Baby it's cold outside by Teach Preschool

When we do have preschool, I still have to decide whether or not the children should go outside to play in the snow. As a general rule, we will go outside in almost all reasonable (or what would be considered normal) weather conditions here, even if it means spending 30 minutes getting on coats, hats, scarves, gloves and boots for just five minutes of play in the snow…

Baby it's cold outside by Teach Preschool

My students are just so happy when they get to go outside. If I based the decision of whether or not we would go outside to play on how I feel about cold weather and snow, I can assure you – I prefer to stay warm and we would stay inside. So I have to remind myself almost daily that going outside isn’t just about giving kids something to do but it is an essential part of healthy growth and development.

Baby it's cold outside by Teach Preschool

I can see a clear difference in my students after they spend even five minutes outside…


After playing outside, the children are always more relaxed, happier, and are able to focus better on whatever comes up next once we get back inside…

Baby it's cold outside by Teach Preschool

I have learned to dress for the weather on these cold and snowy days so I can enjoy the outdoor experience too…


For those of you who are experiencing this crazy blizzard that I am watching on the news, please know that I am thinking and hoping that all is well with you and your family.

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