Did you know that you have all the supplies you need to make bright and colorful games and puzzles for your preschoolers right in your own kitchen?

Here are some ideas for you to try…


Don’t throw away the panels of your cereal boxes!
Turn them into puzzles.
Laminate them before cutting apart for more durability.
Make a giant Matching Game for the floor!
Have children take turns flipping them over to find a match!
Cut the small cereal box panels to make a table top matching game.
Flip them over and find the matching cards!
Save similar sized boxes to create a class book.
Just punch holes on the edge, add a little ring, and presto – there is a fun book to read!
Let the children have fun reading these in your reading center!
Have children graph the box panels.
Here are a few graphing titles to consider…
Which food do you like best?
Is this a healthy snack?
Do you eat this at your home?
What kind of food do you eat at your home?
The panels make great book covers! Just lay the box panels out and let the children add paper to create their own books!
The box panels are meaningful to the child’s world and can add to a literacy rich environment!
It wont take long before everything in your cabinet really just looks like preschool potential!
Have fun!