April 11 – 17th is the Week of the Young Child. This week is a chance to honor young children and to thank teachers who dedicate their time to the field of early childhood education.

I have been asked for ideas quite often on my Facebook page but haven’t had a great deal of success finding ideas online. I thought I would share this idea for thanking teachers.

Apple of my Eye

Make copies of this little award and hand it out to parents and staff. Tell the parents and staff when they see a teacher doing something exceptional or great, to surprise them by filling out an apple form and then placing the apple award on a designated bulletin board. Create an Apple of my Eye display where everyone can see it!

Apple of my eye

To learn more about this special week, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has published this informational pdf titled, “Week of the young child: Early Years are Learning Years”.

If you have ideas to share, I would love to hear them!!