Finding books about winter trees instead of Christmas trees can be quite challenging.

We’ve seen you say things like “What a cute idea, but we can’t do Christmas trees at our school.” Well, I want to tell you about a book that Mrs. Stewart found that will hopefully give you a bit of inspiration.

About the Book

It’s called “The Wish Tree” by Kyo Maclear. This book is about a boy who is searching for a “wish tree.” Despite the lack of support from his siblings, he sets off on his journey to finding this tree. This book inspires the imagination with endless possibilities.

Making a Wish Tree

Mrs. Stewart came up with a simple activity to have her students create their own wish trees. All you need is some white pipe cleaners, a good stick for each child (0ur students went out and found their own sticks), and some air-dry clay. You could substitute the clay for play-dough if needed but the clay holds up better and our students enjoy the experience of using soft clay.

Work with the Clay and Sticks

Have your students form a ball out of their clay. Then they will gently press it down onto the table. You’ll want to have them put their stick in the clay so it’s standing straight up. Then, they will take their pipe cleaners and fasten them around their stick. It will slowly begin  to resemble a snow covered tree! The clay or play-dough will dry and keep your student’s wish trees standing up right.

Let the Child Decide for Himself

Our students spent time wrapping the pipe cleaners around their trees which was challenging for them and great fine motor work. However, some children never did add pipe cleaners to their branches. They just wanted to explore the clay and the sticks. One little guy found a HUGE stick and he worked and worked until he got that stick to stand up all by itself in the clay. He decided to leave the branches empty for now. We have saved all the sculptures in case the children wish to paint them or add something else at another time.


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