A few years ago, I decided to buy a large square wooden framed box canvas. Let’s just say it wasn’t cheap but it happens to be one of the best boards you can buy for the preschool classroom.

I covered my board with felt so it can be used as a large flannel board. You can see how to make a flannel board by clicking here. I love having a large surface to share felt or flannel board stories and games with the children.

But I don’t just use it as a flannel board. I quickly discovered that this board makes a great space for large group activities on the floor.

Because it has plenty of space for the children to work on, the children enjoy being able to sit around it and work together.

I also change up the board by adding colored tape lines for graphing or sorting and other activities and of course, you can leave the felt off and simply invite the children to paint or write on the board too.

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