A wonderful way for your preschool children to explore sound and rhythm while creating music outdoors!

With the nice weather, my students want to be outside as much as possible and it is also a great time to add fun details for them to explore like our DIY Outdoor Sound Wall.

Preparing a Sound Wall

Ms. Lauren found this pallet and collected an odd assortment of pots, pans, trays, and wooden spoons to hang up on the pallet. She had extra pieces so she also set a few of the “musical instruments” on a table.

The children love it, but I am so glad it is outside because it is quite noisy!

Exploring Sound

Sometimes the children just make lots of noise but other times, they will slow down and think more about the different sounds and how they can drum up a beat or a real tune. With time, the children have become less about just banging away and more intentional with their play.

Offering new Experiences

Ms. Lauren likes to change the sound wall or table up a bit here and there adding different types of tools for tapping or different pots and pans for making a variety of sounds. She has even offered a few shakers for the children to create a different variation of sound, adding a new dimension to their play.

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