Inspired by my assistant, Miss Lauren, who started bringing her lunch in a jar and created a rainbow fruit jar – I thought “Hey, our students would like that too!”

Rainbow Fruit in a Cup

I gathered up some clear plastic cups with lids (donated to me by Panera Bread) and then purchased some fresh fruit for our class rainbow fruit in a cup snack. Our rainbow cups included (approximately)…

  • One red strawberry cut in half
  • Two mandarin orange slices
  • Two small pieces of yellow pineapple
  • Four green grapes
  • Six blueberries
  • Three purple grapes

The rainbow fruit choices were layered from red to purple in the clear plastic cups and the lid was put on top and the cups were set in the refrigerator until snack time the next morning.

Rainbow Fruit in a Cup

Of course, we needed a cloud to go with our rainbow fruit cups so a little popcorn was added on the side.

Rainbow Fruit in a Cup

And the children had the best rainbow fruit cup (and cloud) snack ever!

Rainbow in a Cup Fruit Snack for Preschoolers

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