Real flowers are so beautiful in the classroom and before all the petals naturally fell of this set of colorful flowers, I decided to turn the petals into an array of flower petal glitter.

Harvesting the Petals

My bouquet of flowers lasted a couple of weeks in the classroom. I moved them around to different places depending on what I had going on each day but the last time I moved them, I noticed the petals were starting to drop. So instead of letting them wilt and drop, I trimmed the petals off of each color of flower with a pair of scissors and kept them sorted them by color into clear plastic cups.

I set some of the flower petals aside for later use and set some out to make a flower petal glitter collage (try saying that three times very fast).

My grandson found this invitation to create a flower petal collage when he stopped by the classroom.

Exploring the Process

If there is one thing my grandson loves to do, it is squeeze glue out of one of my glue bottles.  I have started transferring all my glue from the original container to a condiment container (I purchased from Walmart) so that it is easier for small hands to squeeze and yet the flow is still manageable.

My grandson went right to work squeezing glue all over his cardboard canvas as well as the string I had attached to the cardboard canvas (mental note: add string later).

Along the way, he would stop and add a few flower petals, then more glue…

Then more petals and more glue.

And then he moved to sampling a little glue in his hand. I’m pretty sure that was his favorite part of this whole process!



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