If you happen to have an extra pool noodle on hand and a water hose, then you have all you need for a very fun day of water play!

Getting Started

To get started, there are a couple of things you can try. I was hoping to turn my pool noodle into a car wash which I am still perfecting but my grandson wasn’t willing to wait for me to perfect my plan. To prepare my pool noodle, I used a screw driver to poke small holes down one side of the pool noodle so water would be able to stream out the holes.

However, the water wouldn’t come out of the little holes unless I plugged the end of the pool noodle closed. So I put a bottle cap, just larger than the pool noodle opening, inside the hole to plug it closed.

In the other end of the pool noodle, I pushed the end of the water hose into the hole.  Turn on the water, and with the bottle cap lid in place and holes in the pool noodle, you get a sprinkler type affect.

Sometimes, plans change

However, my plan changed when my grandson took over. Instead of keeping the bottle cap plug into the end of the pool noodle, my grandson wanted the water to flow all the way through the noodle.

The pool noodle is soft and flexible which makes moving it all around easy to do.

My grandson liked tossing the pool noodle water hose up into the air. He would close his eyes and prepare for the cold water to splash him as the hose came back down.

And he liked bending it in different directions.

And after he played with the hose for awhile, he was ready for me to show him how to plug the end of the tube with his hand to make water spray out of the tiny holes that I made in the tube.

My grandson was delighted to see he could make the flow of the water change by plugging up the holes in the noodle. The three holes closest to the water hose were the only three that water would flow out of without plugging the end of the tube so my grandson experimented with plugging those holes to see what would happen too.

After about an hour or so of pool noodle water hose play, it was time to turn off the water and head inside for lunch (much to my grandson’s dismay).

I am still determined to work on my idea for a car wash because I am now on my own personal mission! But in the mean time, I can easily pop the end of the pool noodle over the end of a water hose any time my grandson is ready to play.


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