Another calendar year has come and gone and as we start a new year, I thought I would share a few resolutions for the preschool teacher in you…

Preschool teacher resolutions by Teach Preschool

Resolution #1: Have a CAN-DO attitude

All too often we get bogged down by what we CAN’T do, due to regulations or lack of resources. Rather than focus on the negative, make a resolution to have a CAN DO attitude. If you can’t use a specific product or material in your classroom or you can’t afford that new piece of equipment or tool, don’t just write it off. Instead, look for alternative materials, supplies, or resources that will create a similar experience.  You will feel a sense of accomplishment and find out that a little thinking outside of the box can help you overcome almost any hurdle…

New Year's Resolutions for Preschool Teachers

Resolution #2: Play more

Get to know your children better by getting down on their level and playing with them. Sit on the floor and give them your full attention, if only for a few minutes at a time. You will find that your children value the one-on-one personalized attention and you will discover something new about your students too! Make a resolution to set aside some of those “teacher things” you think you just have to do and take time to play more!…

New Year's Resolutions for Preschool Teachers

Resolution #3: Organize Something

Pick an area of your life that needs some organization, whether it is in your classroom or at home. Make a resolution to organize a closet or plan your meals out for the week. You will feel so much relaxed and better knowing that one just one part of your life  is organized that you might just be inspired to do more.

New Year's Resolutions for Preschool Teachers

Resolution #4: Purge

Get rid of old materials, toys, supplies, lesson plans, printables, (and even those books that you never read anymore). Make a resolution to purge things that you haven’t used in the past two years.  If you are anything like us, you will most likely replace these items with something new or different before you ever use them again.  Old materials just take up space and add stress to your life. Recycle the 100 toilet roll tubes and plastic bottles you are saving too.  Less clutter equals less chaos and stress in a classroom.

New Year's Resolutions for Preschool Teachers

Resolution #5: Take care of you

Whether it is a resolution to eat better, exercise more, or just to get more sleep, take time to make a resolution that is all about you.  Your resolution doesn’t have to be health related.  It can be about doing something you enjoy.  Take a class or renew your interest in an old hobby.  As teachers, parents, and grandparents, we spend most of our lives taking care of everyone else.  Spend some time doing something for yourself and you will naturally become a better teacher, parent, or grandparent.

From all of the Teach Preschool family, I wish you all the best!  

Happy New Year!