If you are still looking for some good ideas to keep kids busy over the summer time, consider adding this ebook to your summer time planning!

Camp Mom Summer Activities Packet

Camp Mom Summer Activities Pack is a collection of over 80 summer time ideas contributed by my fellow mom bloggers (and me). I was supposed to share this with you all before summer ever even started but with the end of school and other things going on around here, I have been terribly behind.  So since there is still plenty of summer left to go – I hope those of you looking for new ideas to keep at your fingertips will find this ebook something you will really enjoy and appreciate.


The ebook is filled with beautiful photos of the activities along with the instructions of what to do. And, of course, every idea can be adapted or built on to work best in your situation.

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Here are a sample pages from the ebook…



What this mom had to say…

am so excited about Camp Mom, this is exactly what I need to help me create the kind of summer experience I want for my kids! I tend to have great expectations for the summer but pulling it all together while managing a house and family can make it difficult to execute. We are also on a tight budget so I am looking forward to giving my kids great summer activities that we can do at home. With four kids even reasonably priced extracurricular classes are not an option this year, thank you for writing this superb ebook! ~ Lorien V. Mom to 4


Purchase your copy of Camp Mom Summer Activities Pack for $12.99 today!

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