Are you looking for some loose parts inspiration? Here are some of the loose parts we keep in our block center.

We keep four buckets of tools for play on our block shelf. We will change up what is in the buckets throughout the school year, depending on student interest but to get our school year started, this is what we currently have in each bucket.

In this bucket are different types of lids, mason jar rings, and bottle caps. The children haven’t yet figured out how to incorporate these items into their block play yet. We will gradually begin giving them ideas for ways to use the loose parts in their play.

This bucket has strips of fabric pieces in all different colors. The children discovered this bucket of fabric strips just last week and began adding them to their block play. The referred to them as “decorations” but soon they will begin to see the rivers, bridges, grass, roads, and other ways these pieces of fabric can be integrated into their play. It just takes time and a little coaching to get them started.

This bucket has different sized spools which will be great for adding new dimension to the children’s towers and other building projects.

This last bucket holds our ever popular race cars. These are not a loose part but they are something the children recognize. We wanted to add a mixture of materials the children already love and have experience with along with materials (loose parts) that will challenge the children’s thinking and imaginations.

The children are just now really starting to engage with the loose parts and we’re excited to see what they discover!

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