20Moms: making simple peg fairies with Red Ted Art

Today, I want to introduce the fabulous 20Moms member, Maggy Woodley: the author and blogger of Red Ted Art.  Maggy is sharing her beautiful and creative peg fairies with us today and then there is much more to come – so keep reading on down the wall!

Peg Fairies from Red Ted Art

Each of the 20Moms has her own unique style of blogging which brings a broad range of creative ideas, tips, and inspiration to our readers as a whole. After you read Maggie’s post, then hop on over to The Artful Parent and read my super cool post on Building and Creating with Curves! As you make the circle of posts being shared today, you will end up right back here – I think you will find it worth your while!

Peg Fairies by Maggy Woodley

It is wonderful to be here on Teach Preschool and sharing one of our crafts! I am Maggy and you will usually find me over on Red Ted Art getting crafting with the kids (or talking about Family Life and cooking or the latest movies). Writing for Teach Preschool was an opportunity I embraced, as I wanted to show how many of our crafts can very easily be adapted to the classroom or to suit different age groups. I myself have been doing some of my crafts in my Son’s Reception class (4-5yrs old) and appreciate that the process is indeed quite different.

Clothes Peg Fairies from Red Ted Art

Also, I love to craft FOR my children – making “perfect little toys”, which of course I have no expectation of them to make themselves – however I LOVE how these toys inspire THEM to get creative and make their own. Such as the Peg Fairies today!

The wonderful thing is, that they love THEIR fairies just as much as they love MY fairies. And their fairies are a wonderful example of how I hope people will adapt my activities and crafts to suit their kids – having just brought a book of crafts, this how I hope people will be inspired!

I have a “how to” over on Red Ted Art to show how I  made the Tinkerbell Fairy for the Kids. But this is about how the kids made theirs:

Materials: a peg, some plastic acetate (e.g. overhead projectors), glue with a fine dispenser & glitter OR sharpie markpens, “normal pens”, and Elmer’s Glue.

Peg Fairies from Red Ted Art

1)      The children coloured in their pegs with pens (I hasten to add that the colours were all chose by the kids – and yes Pip Squeak chose PINK and Red Ted BLUE! Hey ho).

2)      Then they decided that they wanted glitter hair – this is purely their invention. I think Red Ted came up with it a while back when we received some fantasticly beautiful glitter from Zing Zing Tree. We dip the head carefully in glue and then we dip it carefully in glitter. Now if doing this with a larger group of kids, do help them, as they can get a bit carried away and mummify your peg in glitter and glue!

3)      Let dry and carefully add a face.

Making Fairies by Red Ted Art

1)      In the meantime, get your “acetate” cut out a pair of wings for the children (you will probably want to prep these – or cut trace out the wings for them and let older kids cut themselves – alternatively you could cut 2 larger and 2 smaller “petal shapes” and assemble the wings afterwards).

2)      Carefully drip some glue on and then coat in glitter. Pour the remaining glitter back into your pot. We had cut some heart confetti earlier and Pip Squeak really wanted to add some of that too. I thought that was a very cute idea.

3)      Let dry and then glue onto your peg with Elmer’s Glue!

Done! Red Ted informs me, that HIS is a pirate fairy. Well there you go.

Building and Creating with Curves - A Fun and Easy Kids Sculpture Activity!

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Thank you Maggy for sharing with us today! Could you all tell that Maggy is not from the USA? How wonderful it is to meet folks who can about young children from all over the world!


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