By this time in the school year, we have introduced all of our letters and the sounds they make so as part of our review, the children stirred up some alphabet soup.

Ingredients for Alphabet Soup

For this fun water play sensory activity, you will need a tub, bowls, spoons, pitchers, and letters.  We used sponge letters, but any type of waterproof letter would be just as much fun!  This is a really simple recipe, that our students enjoyed putting together on their own.  The children began by pouring water into the soup bowls.

Next,they used tongs to choose letters from the tub…

Then they added the letters to the soup bowls…

And voila!  They made alphabet soup!

My Observations

This activity was so much fun for our children!  As the children played, we were able to hear them tell each other which letter they were eating or had found. They loved it if they could find a letter in their name. Making alphabet soup kept several children entertained for most of the morning.  And several others rotated in and out, but they almost always returned for more soup.

You will notice that we covered our table in a towel.  A lot, and I mean A LOT, of water was used during this activity.  The children loved pouring water from the pitchers into their bowls and then dumping their bowls into the  tub.

When their pitcher was empty, they simply took it to the sink and filled it up themselves.

We practice pouring everyday during snack time.  The children have their own small pitchers which they use to pour themselves water and juice. We can honestly say that our students have a love affair with any kind of waterplay. We normally save most waterplay for our outdoor classroom but cooking up alphabet soup seemed like a better fit for our indoor classroom.

At the end of this activity, Deborah and I were both a bit surprised by the amount of water contained in the towel, on the floor, and of course, on the children.  But there was no need to panic!  It was all good, clean fun!  Fresh towels were brought out for cleanup and a couple of dry pants were distributed to the children who were – well somewhat waterlogged!

Worried about all that water? Alphabet soup doesn’t have to be made in the kitchen or around a table.  It could be made in a sink or bathtub.  It could be made outside  in a shallow baby pool or even in a mud kitchen.  This is a great, simple activity that our children really loved!

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