DIY ramps and cars for toddlers

My grandson loves his cars and trucks so I thought I would introduce him to a simple version of ramps and cars this week. I started by making a simple toddler-sized ramp that he could easily explore…

DIY Ramps and Cars for Toddlers by Teach Preschool

To make the ramp, I taped together two pieces of left-over foam board that I have had sitting on my dining room table for over a week. I was thrilled to find some use for the pieces of foam board to at least get them off the table for awhile…

DIY Ramps and Cars for Toddlers by Teach Preschool

While my grandson was off playing in the other room, I set up our new ramp by taping one end of the foam board ramp to a kid-size table leaving the other piece of foam board hanging over the edge of the table. At first I set out three little trucks I had picked up from the dollar store and then waited for my grandson to come back into the kitchen so I could introduce him to my newly made DIY really cool toddler-sized ramp…

DIY Ramps and Cars for Toddlers by Teach Preschool

All it took was one demonstration of what to do and then it was time for grandma to move out of the way and let this toddler have at it…

DIY Ramps and Cars for Toddlers by Teach Preschool

And it wasn’t long before more cars and trucks were added to the ramp…

DIY Ramps and Cars for Toddlers by Teach Preschool

And off they went across the track and down the ramp…

Cardboard Ramps 037

After awhile, my grandson decided to drive the cars and trucks up the ramp. Well as you know, foam board will not hold up well to being climbed on so after it was bent up a little, my grandson figured out (with a little help from me) if he stood to the side of the ramp, he could drive back up…

DIY Ramps and Cars for Toddlers by Teach Preschool

And back up the ramp went all the cars and trucks. We used the words “up” and “down” a lot during my grandson’s play….

DIY Ramps and Cars for Toddlers by Teach Preschool

I had a teacher recently mention on Facebook that she was looking for idea on how to introduce the concept of “Up and Down” to her students in the classroom. My suggestion to anyone wishing to teach directional words is to put them into action. The act of making those cars go up and down gave my grandson and I ample opportunity to use the words “up and down” in a fun and meaningful way…

DIY Ramps and Cars for Toddlers by Teach Preschool

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  1. Deborah @ For The Love of Learning March 24, 2013 at 8:48 am - Reply

    Hi there! Just saw your post and I wanted to share the ramp that we have in my house that has been my sons FAVORITE activity for months and months. We simply upcycled a piece of wood and sanded it down. My son LOVES to use it as a ramp! 🙂
    Here is a link:

  2. Cathie March 24, 2013 at 7:21 pm - Reply

    What a fun time and learning experience! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Angela March 25, 2013 at 6:24 pm - Reply

    Fantastic idea! I love introducing the concept of up and down in this way…it really make the action tangible and memorable for them. Thanks!!

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