In my previous post, I shared with you our rainbow weaving.

Along with our rainbow weaving, we also explored a simple but extremely beautiful abstract rainbow painting process.

Preparing to paint

To prepare for our rainbow painting activity, Mrs. Courtney cut up an oatmeal box into half circles. The oatmeal box is a nice sturdy cardboard that is already shaped round and holds it’s rounded shape when cut apart. So Mrs. Courtney just cut across the box to make circles then in half again to make half circles.

Every color of the rainbow was set out on the table along with our rainbow Paper Strip Rainbows of cardboard.


Creating your own rainbow

The children used the rainbow strips to create their own rainbows by pressing the edge of the cardboard strips into the paint, then making a print on their paper.

Every rainbow took on its own unique style based on what was most interesting to each child.

This was so simple to set up that when the children asked if they could make another rainbow the next day, we set it all out again using the same strips from the day before.

 I love the abstract look of our rainbows – they are simply beautiful!

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This idea was 100% inspired by Paper Tube Stamping from Makes and Takes

Paper Strip Rainbows from Teach Preschool