Rainbows are such a fun way to explore color and we have an entire collection of beautiful rainbows for kids to create and explore…

Construction Paper Rainbows are simple to make and invite a little fine motor strengthening as children work to tear up paper for their rainbow design…

Construction Paper Rainbows by Teach Preschool

This Craft Stick Rainbow is fun to make and a healthy challenge for young children to figure out how to put it all back together…

Craftstick Rainbows by Teach Preschool

Learn all about the 10 Second Rule when making these beautiful Paper Strip Rainbows

Paper Rainbows by Teach Preschool

A wonderful way to explore water, color, and the artful design of a rainbow with these Watercolor Rainbows

Paper Towel Rainbows by Teach Preschool

Get your children exploring the colors of the rainbow with these simple to make Rainbow Sensory Bottles

Rainbow Bottles by Teach Preschool

Brighten up your day and put lots of little hands to work with a Sticky Easel Rainbow

Rainbow Colors on the Sticky Easel by Teach Preschool

The feel, texture, and movement of Rainbow Slime will keep all hands busy for quite some time…

Rainbow Slime by Teach Preschool

Invite your students to join you for yummy and simple to make Rainbow Toast

Rainbow Toast

Rainbow Tracing is a simple and fun technique for inviting drawing and tracing…

Rainbow Tracing by Teach Preschool

Invite your preschoolers to practice their prewriting skills with this fun Rainbow Writing pallet…

Rainbow Writing by Teach Preschool

Rainbow Sponge Painting is super simple and open ended with this creative painting process…

Sponge Painted Rainbows by Teach Preschool

Your kids can make their very own beautiful textured Tissue Paper Rainbow

Tissue Paper Rainbows by Teach Preschool


Still looking for more rainbows to share with your preschoolers?  Then check out the Teach Preschool…

Rainbow Board



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