As part of our “I Can Day” the children went outside to play a very simple version of “Kick the Can” game.

We started the game by having all the children take a can from our circletime bag full of cans then go outside and stand on the line. Then we had each child take a turn kicking his or can. The cans often rolled a bit after they were kicked and the children liked to see how far the cans would roll.

Every child took a turn to kick his or her own can. We discovered that the smaller the can, the harder it was to aim that foot just right to give it a good kick.

But all the children were able to give their cans a good kick and watch them roll away. After every child had a turn, we invited all the children to line up once more and then they all gave their cans one more big kick all at the same time.

Stay tuned for the creative side of “I Can Day” in my next post…

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