Using large foam alphabet and number shapes

I recently bought a set of large foam alphabet and number shapes from Target which I have planned to use for my grandson’s bath time play but they sat in a bag in the kitchen for a week when I realized, they didn’t just have to be for the bath tub.

So I let my grandson sit down and help me open up the package and take them all out. He sat for quite awhile taking the foam shapes out of the plastic container then putting them back into the container and then he lost interest in them.

Which was fine, because it was nap time.  So while my grandson was sleeping, I decided to set up an alphabet invitation to play in the kitchen.

When my grandson got up later, he found an entire alphabet kitchen just waiting for him to explore. To make the foam shapes stick, I simply dipped them in some water and they easily stuck to just about every smooth surface in the room.

He found shapes on the refrigerator.

And on the doors.

And on the drawers and cabinets.

And on the dishwasher.

But he spent most of his time playing with the letters that grandpa had stopped by and stuck to the big glass windows of the patio doors.

As my grandson played, he would sometimes knock all the letters and numbers off to the floor. At other times, he would try to stick the shapes back on the door or cabinet.

And sometimes, he would bring me a letter or number and I would be able to say, “Thank you for the number 2!”  or “You found that on the refrigerator, are there any more on the refrigerator?”.

In other words, part of my grandson’s play experience invited the opportunity to expand vocabulary and introduce numbers and part of my grandson’s play led to stretching, reaching, bending, sticking, and interacting with me.

And because we needed a little water to stick the foam shapes around the room, we had a slight bit of water play going on too!

Now, I will put the letters up next to the bathtub (well maybe).

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