My parents should feel quite loved by now because my students have been writing notes and bringing home Christmas cards just about everyday.

I purchased several boxes of Christmas cards from the Dollar store that contained 50 cards and 50 envelopes in each box.  For a dollar and all those cards and envelopes, I decided this was a good investment for the writing center.

Building interest

Adding these cards to the writing center has raised lots of new interest in writing and drawing.

Just stuffing the envelopes is an interesting challenge for the children. I often find myself wanting to help them with this but I stay out of it – and when they get the card into the envelope they will often come and show me how they have put the card in the envelope and sealed it closed all by themselves!

By the third day of card writing and exploring, the children realized they could also cut out the pictures on the cards which added a new dimension to their card making and writing experience.

And they could glue the pictures on their cards or envelopes too!

A good investment

Yes, I believe buying a box of Christmas cards for $1 to promote a little writing, cutting, drawing, coloring and the spirit of giving something to mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, and whoever else the children can think of was worth the investment.

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