Creative Christmas Countdown: Day 4 | Thank You Cards

I am thrilled to take part in the Creative Christmas Countdown sponsored by Creative with Kids and today is Day 4 of the Creative Christmas Countdown! So here is a little something I have prepared for you all…

 Creative Christmas Countdown
Thank You Cards

Getting preschoolers to sit down and create a whole bunch of thank you cards is not an easy task. I don’t know about the children in your class or home, but I am lucky to get the kids to sit down and make one card yet alone a whole set of cards.  But teaching children to be thankful for the gifts they receive and helping them demonstrate being thankful is an important part of this season so I have prepared a little idea for making thank you cards at home that I hope you will enjoy….

The first thing you will need are some pieces of artwork your child has already created.  I hope you have been saving some of the art that either comes home from preschool or that you make at home with your child.  If you have, then you are all ready set to go. If you haven’t, then just let your children try a little finger painting, cookie cutter painting, or any type of art they think is fun!

Once you select a few pieces of artwork, then you can turn that artwork into simple thank you cards. You can either copy the artwork on a copy machine or you can take a photo of the artwork with a digital camera.  Once you copy and save photos of your child’s artwork, then you can shrink the artwork down to “wallet size photos” and then print or glue them on a thank you card….

I chose to use my digital camera so I could take photos of the artwork.  I like being able to take photos of different kinds of artwork.  This is a photo of a nature shadow box

And this is a photo of a construction paper fire truck

And this is a photo of a cookie cutter painting…

And this is a photo of blue and yellow ball painting

This is a great way to share your child’s creativity with others and still keep the original for yourself!

Inside each of my cards I wrote the words…

The artwork on this card

I made all by myself.

I am sending it to you

So you can put it on your shelf.

 With love,

(child’s Name)

And I left some room for the child to print his or her name or to add a little more artwork if feeling inspired! You can certainly personalize your cards a little more but I wanted to make some that I could use any time throughout the year….

Now let me invite you to come and join in on the Creative Christmas Countdown! Below is a calendar of ideas that have already been shared and that are going to be shared! I hope you will check it out!

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Check out all the beautiful Christmas cards over at Dilly-Dali Art!

Deborah J Stewart

Deborah J Stewart

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