Our 2011 postcard exchange is now up and running.  If you need the link to your group please email me or click on the correct group below.

Quick Reference

As a quick reference, I will make the button to the left of my page link this post so you can find your group quickly.  You will need to make sure that you save the password I sent you (or email me for it).

Group A: https://teachpreschool.org/postcard-exchange-2011-2012/group-a/

Group B: https://teachpreschool.org/postcard-exchange-2011-2012/teach-preschool-postcard-exchange-group-b/

Group C: https://teachpreschool.org/postcard-exchange-2011-2012/teach-preschool-postcard-exchange-group-c/

Group D: https://teachpreschool.org/postcard-exchange-2011-2012/teach-preschool-postcard-exchange-group-d/

Group E: https://teachpreschool.org/postcard-exchange-2011-2012/teach-preschool-postcard-exchange-group-e/

Group F: https://teachpreschool.org/postcard-exchange-2011-2012/teach-preschool-postcard-exchange-group-f/

Group G: https://teachpreschool.org/postcard-exchange-2011-2012/teach-preschool-postcard-exchange-group-g/

Check Updates
Be sure to check all the latest updates on your groups. I updated all groups on Saturday and one today..  Some folks are still checking in but we should have all changes or corrections made by the next week or so.  I hope you all have a great time.  I will be blogging about my class and the postcards they are making as well.

Thanks so much,