Hello to all who are participating in this year’s postcard exchange.  I have sent out emails to each person who signed up to be in this exchange so if you have not received my email, then be sure to contact me at teachpreschool @ y a hoo . com.  This email address is ONLY for the postcard exchange so I can keep things straight.

We have a total of 7 groups (Groups A through G) in this year’s exchange and in each Letter Group there are approximately 45 participants.  So this is quite a bit of work for me to put together but now that it is mostly all completed – I am excited to introduce it all to my class!

I need everyone to know that THERE WILL BE UPDATES to the current lists that I have posted on each group website. Be sure to check your group website before sending out your postcards to make sure the latest changes to addresses or zip codes are correct.  Check comments below each group page too – just in case I have not yet made an update.

I will update ALL groups by this SUNDAY so that we can be sure to have the latest information as we head off to school next week.

Thank you so much for your participation and your patience with me as I make sure everything is as acurate as possible!