I am writing this update in hopes that you all will see it. I sent out emails this week to touch base with everyone and several of the emails I sent out returned to me and undeliverable. Well – not too many but enough that it caused me alarm.  If you did not receive my email then please do the following….

1. Check for spam and make sure you add  >> teachpreschool @ y a h o o  . com    to your address book as this will be the contact email address for all postcard exchange information going here forward.

2. Send me an email to the email address listed above letting me know you are on board and if there are any changes you need to notify me about such as: a change of mind, change of address, or number of classes that are participating.

If you have more than one class participating – make sure you check the groups when you get yours to be sure I have everything listed correctly.

If you received my email and have no changes, then you do not need to write me back.

We have over 300 participants this year in the exchange so it is taking me a little effort to get it all organized correctly. I will have your groups sent to you by this weekend if not sooner. I am working every evening to wrap this all up so we can begin our journey!!  I am super excited to send out those post cards and share the ones I receive with my class.

When I send out groups – you will be given a website address and a password to check into your group. This is why it is ABSOLUTELY important that we are able to communicate via email.  If I cannot reach you then I may need to remove your name from the list as I want to be sure everyone on the group list has been contacted and is participating..


Thank you so much for joining me!


PS. At this time, sign-ups for the postcard exchange are closed! I am so sorry if you missed it this go around but we will do this again in the future.